Tips and Tricks to Vaping

Vaping has become a fad among young people and adults, so more and more people want to experience what it’s like to use an e-cigarette, although it’s something similar to smoking a normal cigarette, it’s convenient to know certain tips and tricks to vape in the best way.

Some decide to start this practice as an alternative to harmful tobacco use, others to replace shishas, while some users often use these vaporizers to use cannabis.

It may seem strange, but it turns out that there are 2 basic ways to smoke, a first option is to suck and fill the mouth with smoke, then smoke is inhaled along with air until it is reached into the lungs.

For its part, the second way is to inhale directly into the lungs as if you were breathing through the mouth using a pop. However, when using e-cigarettes or vaporizers these techniques are modified in a certain way, increasing the time of inhalation; but these and other tips and tricks to vape are detailed throughout this article.

Tips and tricks for vaping

When vaping we can do it by means of a primary inhalation, making a small inhalation of half a second to get the atomizer warmed up and we can immediately make several longer inhalations, with this we will get a lot of steam in each Inhaled.

Another way to smoke a vaporizer is to perform several inhalations consecutively without performing any exhalation. With this, we will have a heavy blow of nicotine without producing too much steam. Some of the most common problems that happen to newbies in e-cigarettes is coughing, which can be embarrassing.


Since we talk about tips and tricks for vaping, we must not ignore the maintenance that we must provide to our vaporizer, in order for it to work optimally. Remember to clean the contacts between the battery and the tank, to maintain the correct flow of energy.

The same tank must be very clean and neat. Occasionally it must be thoroughly cleaned or replaced by the atomizer with a new one. When we place a new atomizer we must place some liquid on the cotton present inside this accessory, with this we will make the liquid better distributed and avoid burning circuits.

Regularly we must check the batteries of these products to check their current service life and know if we should get a replacement one soon, in an extreme case we will have to buy a new vaporizer if it contains a non-removable battery.

Once we know the main tips and tricks to vape without failing in the attempt, we will be able to perfect the vaping techniques, until we get to create certain advanced tricks, for example, we can make shapes with smoke as the well-known and spectacular waterfall, which has a great effect and for which we need a plastic bottle.

We also have the option to do other effects like the Dragon, this one needs some practice and coordination to make it perfect. However there are many more tricks, it is all a matter of patiently practicing each of them, as well as keeping our vaping accessory in good condition.

All this is achieved by following these tips and tricks to vape already exposed, so we will become an expert in vaping.

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