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If you are planning to spend a week or two at Lake Powell, and want to enjoy the area’s unique recreational opportunities, a houseboat cruise would be your best choice. There are a number of options for water cruises that will allow you to explore the water, enjoy some solitude, and still have access to amenities that make life on board a luxury.



The ultimate Lake Mead experience begins on the luxury houseboat offer: a fleet of houseboats that collectively offer the ultimate lake experience. The houses on a houseboating cruise offer a variety of amenities that are truly unique to the houseboat experience. These luxury houseboats, from up to five to seven stories in length, combine a spacious design with no-holds-bars-on-sight elegance. The cabins are furnished with personal spaces, televisions, and a variety of other amenities that are designed to relax you after an ocean tour, as well as give you time to reflect on the past few days of sunbathing and fishing.

In addition to offering a houseboat experience, these Lake Mead cruises also offer a houseboat tour of the lake. Each houseboat tour includes a boat tour of the entire lake and the opportunity to mingle with the local wildlife. Some cruises even offer an outdoor picnic. Houseboat tours are also offered to the towns of White River, Leander, Las Vegas, and Cedar City.

A water houseboat trip through Lake Mead is a relaxing way to travel around the lake. It allows you the opportunity to get out of the heat of the day while still enjoying a scenic ride along the lake. Houseboating trips to Lake Mead begin from one of many hotels, campgrounds, marinas, or other accommodations. Once you have reserved your cabin, you may begin your tour by exploring the lake, looking for fish, or taking part in any number of activities such as snorkeling or fishing. Once you return home, you may choose to have the water houseboat tour complete the rest of your Lake Mead vacation by providing a scenic view of the area.

Most water houseboat trips also include access to the numerous boats available on the lake, as well as a chance to try your hand at fishing. Houseboats provide an excellent opportunity for anglers of all levels to learn new techniques while enjoying the beauty of the lake.

Houseboat trips also provide an ideal way to explore the unique natural wildlife that lives along the Lake Mead. Houseboats offer opportunities to meet the local wildlife and see rare species of fish. Houseboats are also the perfect place to spend an evening with the family as you listen to the wonderful sounds of the wind and moonlight, or bask in the calming waters of the sun on a private boat.

Whether you want to spend a romantic weekend, or just go for a leisurely afternoon on a relaxing lake, the waters of Lake Mead can provide a relaxing, fun environment for an extended stay. Waterhouse trips are affordable and provide an exciting, and memorable experience. Houseboat trips provide the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and splendor of the lake at a reasonable cost, while making an enjoyable stop at the nearby lodges, and experiencing the serenity of the wildlife that live along the waters of the lake.

Luxury houseboat cruises can be the perfect choice for a weekend trip or a longer trip. Whether you want to explore the scenery of the mountains, or simply enjoy the lakes and views of the town of Cedar City, there is something for everyone in this popular cruising option. Houseboat cruises are available throughout the year, so you will never run out of activity or sight seeing opportunities.

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